General Membership

What is GameVillage

We are an online gaming community available to you 24/7, offering you exciting games and the ability to chat with friends in a friendly and moderated environment with chat hosts and support advisors available to help and entertain you during your visit.

How do I join?

Click on the join button or sign in on the free membership box found on the home Page. Add your details, register a card or select a payment method to suit you and start playing today!

Do I have to download anything to play ?

No. All our games are instant play but you will need flash version 7.0 or higher to play them.

I registered what next ?

Take a look around the site, chat with the hosts and other players and try any of our games. Details of how to play and what you will win are available on our game rules page. Depositing players are free to chat, play and take part in all our promotions, quizzes and games.

How do I play games ?

Click on the link to any of the games from the member login page. The game rules page will explain how each game is played and what you can win.

What happens when I win?

All game winnings are credited automatically and immediately into your GameVillage account. (Excluding winnings to non depositing players during rollover bingo Games) You can withdraw at any time (minimum of £25). Please follow the how to withdraw instructions on the Cashier page.

Can I have more than one account?

No. Multiple accounts are not allowed. If we find that a player has more than one account, all accounts will be closed and bonuses removed before balance refunds are made. All winnings will be deemed void and withdrawal of these refused.

My Account

How do I change my personal details?

It is recommended to keep your personal details updated at all times. In order to do so please contact our Customer Support team who will make necessary changes.

How can I change my password?

You can do this by logging into your account and clicking on the ‘My Profile’ section, followed by the ‘Change Password’ link. You will be prompted to enter your existing password, followed by the new password, which you wish to change it to.

What should I do if I forget my password?

You can retrieve it yourself by clicking the link “Forgot password?”. Simply follow the on-screen instructions which will require you to enter the email address you used to register with GameVillage, followed by the verification code shown underneath. You will then receive an e-mail which will allow you to reset your password instantly.

Bonuses & Loyalty

What are different types of Bonuses available?

We offer two different types of bonus to our players. These bonuses are complimentary and are rewarded to players for their loyalty. We offer Bingo Bonus and Casino Bonus. These bonuses can be earned as a part of promotion, chat games, during deposits etc. All Bonuses are subject to wager requirements and withdrawal of winnings from these is subject to Terms & Condition.

Where can I use Bingo and Casino Bonus?

Bingo Bonus can be used to play any Bingo Games only.

Casino Bonus can be used to play selected Casino/Slot games only.

Winning from both the bonuses will be credited to your Cash balance.

How do I claim a Bonus Code?

To claim a Bonus Code please follow below steps

  • Log in to your GameVillage Account
  • Click on the “My Account" section
  • Click on ‘Bonus Code’ which is on the left side of the site
  • Select the Coupon Type;
  • If you are claiming a free coupon, enter the Coupon Code and click ‘Submit’ or, if you are claiming a deposit coupon, enter the coupon code and transaction ID of your last deposit and click ‘Submit’. Once you have completed all these steps, your free bonus/cash will be added to your account instantly.

What are Bingo Tickets / Free Spins?

Bingo Tickets / Free Spins are complementary and are given to players for their loyalty or as a part of any promotion. Bingo Tickets / Free Spins can be used to play different games we have to offer here at GameVillage. All Bingo Tickets / Free Spins given to players has wagering requirements and withdrawal of winnings on Bingo Tickets / Free Spins is subject to Terms & Condition.

Bingo tickets can be used to play any bingo game provided your cash and bingo bonus becomes 0.

Free spins can be used to play games listed under “FREEBETS” category on casino page at any given time.

Where do I check my Bingo Tickets / Free Spins?

Log in to your GameVillage account, Enter into games lobby, on top of the page you will find a letter i, next to which is written “FREE”, under this section you can see available balance of Bingo Tickets / Free Spins.

How can I use my Bingo Tickets / Free Spins to play games?

You can use Bingo Tickets / Free Spins once your total bingo account balance is zero. All Bingo tickets given will be having default ticket price of 5p, however it can be used in any bingo rooms to buy tickets and tickets count will be automatically adjusted according to room ticket price. For example, if you have total bingo tickets 20@5p but you wanted to buy tickets which are priced at 10p then you can buy total 10 tickets instead of 20.

You can use free spins to play all the games listed under "Freebets" at any point of time. All free spins will have a default value of 1p/spin.

Where can I use my Loyalty Points?

Loyalty Points can be used to buy tickets for Monthly Prize Draw.

The draws cost 1000 points per ticket.

Steps to access Prize Draw:

1) Log in to your account.

2) Click "Prizes" which is just under "Pending Pre-buy".

3) Select any one of the four prize draws at a time and hit "Enter the Draw" to buy tickets.


Can I join the Forum?

Yes. Once you have registered at GameVillage you are automatically a member of the Forum. To become an active Community Member you need to make a deposit first.

How do I become a Home Owner?

To become a homeowner in the GameVillage a player must make 3 initial deposits and then make at least 1 deposit within 30 days of their last deposit to keep the same home. The player’s home will be reserved for a further period of 30 days after it has been removed and then returned to the player if a deposit is made. If a player does not make a deposit for 60 days they will lose their original home.

House Party Promotions

To take part in House Party Promotion the player has to be a homeowner. If the player loses their home in the middle of a promotion they will not qualify for any part of the promotion prize at the end of the promotion.

Money Matters


How do I make Deposit ?

Making a deposit at GameVillage is quick, simple and secure. Go to ‘Cashier’, and then click on ‘Make a Deposit’.

Step -1: You will then be prompted to choose your preferred deposit amount. You can simply type the value of deposit amount in the given Box or you can also select the value from given Quick Select option for the deposit amount.

Step -2: After selecting your deposit value/amount, it will show you all the eligible promotions available for you in the format of Promotion Coupon. Select the desired coupon codes to get extra bonus/cash on your deposits.

Step-3: Select a payment method by clicking the card type logo, fill the details and click on submit.

What payment methods do you offer?

To give our players as much choice and convenience as possible, we offer a variety of easy and safe payment methods. You can choose from following option:

  • Ukash
  • Paysafe
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Neteller

My credit/debit card has been cancelled; how do I add my new card details?

To register a new debit or credit card, you need to make a deposit using your new card by visiting the ‘Make a Deposit’ section from the Banking Menu.

Do you charge fees for accepting a particular payment method?

As we value our players highly, we will never pass on any payment processing fees to you, regardless of which payment method you choose. However, we do recommend that you check with your payment provider to confirm whether they will charge you additional fees for making a deposit (this is particularly applicable to transactions made by credit card and international bank transfer.) We are not responsible for any charges that have been deducted by Card Company or bank for giving service including currency conversion fee.

Can I use a payment method belonging to a friend or family member with their permission?

No, as a GameVillage account holder, you can only use a payment method that is registered in your own name. If a player makes a deposit using a payment method which is not on their own name, GameVillage and Management has right to close the account and all the balance will be forfeited. In such cases, any withdrawal request will not be entertained.

Is there a minimum deposit amount?

Yes. The minimum deposit amount for your first deposit is £5 and thereafter it is £10.

What are verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code?

All debit and credit card payments made via our site utilise the additional security offered by Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code service to help maintain both the safety of your account and debit/credit card. If your credit/debit card issuer is enrolled in either of these systems, you will be prompted to complete an additional security step whenever you make a payment so that they can guarantee the transaction is valid. For further information on these services, please visit the following links: http://www.mastercard.co.uk/securecode.html


How easy is it to withdraw winnings from GameVillage?

Withdrawing winnings from GameVillage is a simple 4 steps process

Make a predefined deposit amount for withdrawal.

Meet with wagering requirements on your deposits and bonuses you have earned.

Verify your account by sending ID proof and copy of card at account@luckyducknetwork.com. Take the winnings out.

Note: withdrawal process and request status will also vary from player to player and their account status.

What is wagering Dashboard/Wager requirements progress bar?

This section gives you the detailed information about what all transactions carry wagering requirements and how much you have played so far in order to meet with wagering requirements for withdrawal. The values in red colour signify required wagering amounts and in green colour signify that how much you have wagered. At the bottom of this section, you can find the total wagering summary as well. If your wagering requirements meets then withdraw button will be highlighted else it will be greyed out.

How long will my withdrawal take?

The standard time required to process a withdrawal is 2-3 working days. However, the length of time a withdrawal will take to reach you depends on your meeting our Terms & Conditions for withdrawal. Please note that NO payout can be processed until you have fully-met all of these conditions and verified your identity.

Can I cancel my withdrawal?

If your withdrawal request has yet to be processed, you can cancel it by clicking on 'Cashier', then selecting 'Cancel Withdrawal', from the left-hand menu. A list of your recent withdrawal requests will appear, and you can choose which you wish to cancel. Any funds will be returned back to your GameVillage account upon cancellation. If you have any queries about your withdrawal requests, please contact our Expert Accounts Team at account@luckyducknetwork.com. Cancelling a withdrawal request will not be treated as a new deposit. If a player cancels the approved withdrawal request then GameVillage and Lucky Duck Network will not be liable to payout the withdrawal approved amount

Can I request a withdrawal before completing the wagering requirements of a bonus?

Any winnings made using promotional bingo bonuses, free cards or free money are not eligible for withdrawal and funds will be removed from the account.
Bear in mind that all bonuses have certain wagering requirements, so please check the terms and conditions of your particular bonus if you are unsure.

Why it is mandate to verify account for withdrawal not for deposit?

In order to ensure that payment of any Winnings is being made to the correct person. For this purpose, we will further be entitled, at our sole discretion, to require that you provide us with a valid photo ID and copy of credit/debit card or any equivalent certified ID according to the applicable law of your jurisdiction.


Where can I view the current GameVillage promotions?

We regularly update all our promotions, and you will find these listed under the ‘Promotions’ section of our site. If you should require additional information or have a query regarding a particular promotion, please visit Live Help or contact our Support Team at support@luckyducknetwork.com

How can I check whether I have claimed all the promotional bonuses that I’m entitled to?

Please visit Live Help or contact our Support Team at support@luckyducknetwork.com who will gladly advise you.

Where can I find the terms and conditions for promotional bonuses?

The terms and conditions for all our promotions and bonuses can be found within the promotional material advertised on our ‘Promotion page’. If you require any further clarity on these, you can visit Live Help or contact our Support Team at support@luckyducknetwork.com

How does your Refer a Friend work?

Once you become a depositing player you can refer a friend to the site. When your friend has made a deposit you will both be paid a £25 bingo bonus. Terms and Conditions apply. The £25 bingo bonus cannot be withdrawn. Any winnings from the bonus can be withdrawn once initial wagering requirements have been met.

What are ‘Top Games’ in the GameVillage?

Top games are special bingo games running at set times with great house contributions to the games so prizes are higher.

Top Game Schedule (Top of the Hour – Every Hour 24/7, Top of the Day - 12midnight, Top of the Week – 12midnight (Sundays), Top of Month (Last day of the month at 12midnight).

What is Hotball in GameVillage?

Hotball is an additional Jackpot available on all bingo games except for Top Games. Hotball can be won by matching the winning number with hotball number.


How can I view my list of bets/wagering?

To see a list of recent or historical wagers, click on the 'Reports' link from within your account and select the 'Reconcile' button. You will then be able to choose which date/dates you wish to view, and a list of all games that you’ve played during the selected time period will be shown on your screen.

How can I view all of my deposits?

From your account page, click on 'Deposit History', and under 'Reports', choose a date range to view all of your deposits for that particular time period.

How can I view all of my withdrawals?

Click on 'Withdrawal History', and under 'Reports', choose a date range to view all of your withdrawals for that particular time period.

Security Concerns

Is it legal to play at GameVillage ?

We adhere to a strict code of conduct. Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before playing. We also urge you to check the laws of your country of residence before playing. All our players MUST be over the age of 18.

Is it safe to register personal and card details with you?

Yes. Please review our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. We do not pass on or share your payment details with any 3rd parties and card registration is encrypted and secure for your protection.

Can I trust this site?

Yes. We are regulated and audited and comply with all current legislation relating to online gaming in the UK. We are bound by the terms of our license issued to us by the Gambling Supervision Commission of the Isle of Man who ensure strict compliance is adhered to at all times.

Are my transactions secure?

All your transactions are completely secure, using the COMODO Secure Digital certificate, which offers the highest possible internet security.