Deposit Special mobile

Deposit Specials

  • Blotto

    Receive 1 Blotto line for every £10 deposited. If you match all 4 numbers with the first 4 balls on the midnight game in the 90 Ball Bingo Room on 1st April you will win up to £1000. All 3 ball winners will receive a consolation prize.


    Terms & Conditions
    1. Minimum deposit : £10
    2. Maximum of 500 lines per player
    3. If the prize is not won it will rollover onto next month
    4. Three ball winners will share £100, up to a maximum of £25 per player
    5. Wagering requirement of 4x Bingo, 40x Slots does not apply
    6. Players must be homeowners to win either prize
    7. Players must be depositors (18+)
    8. Promotion Valid from 1st March to 31st March
    9. Standard Terms and Conditions apply
  • Loyalty Loot

    Recieve up to £100 each month in our new loyalty program. Receive up to 10% back on your total deposits, and up to 500 entries into each of this month's prize draws.


    Terms & Conditions
    1. Wagering requirement of 4x Bingo, 40x Slots does not apply
    2. Cash back is limited to £100
    3. Cash back will be credited automatically in the first week of April
    4. Deposits on the last day of the month will not be considered when adding prize draw entries
    5. Prize draw tickets will be credited automatically before declaring the prize draw winners
    6. This promotion is not related to home ownership
    7. Loyalty Levels change every month
    8. Players must be depositors (18+)
    9. Standard Terms and Conditions Apply