Chat Lingo

Chat Lingo

Get chitty chat with us. We are going to help you hold the ropes and get going fast with it. The chat rooms are designed for your comfort and enjoyment. You are welcome to our different chat rooms as soon as you made your deposit.

We ask you to follow our guidelines for your own protection as well as of others.

All chat rooms must reflect the operator's standards and we reserve the right to remove or restrict a user's chat as we deem necessary and may close accounts after reviewing incidents of unacceptable behaviour.

Examples of unacceptable Village behaviour:

  • Racist comments
  • Obscene Sexual comments
  • Conversations regarding illegal activities i.e. drugs, hacking
  • Advertising of any kind, in particular other gaming sites.
  • Posting of personal details
  • Harassment of other users
  • Soliciting other users for money
  • Flooding or using uppercase text
  • Failure to comply with Host requests
  • Bringing the site into disrepute

If you are facing any dispute relating to site, please contact support immediately and not discussed in the chats.

Sometimes, joining an online community for the first time could be confusing! We are here to help you out. The chat consists of a different lingo and it might be hard to catch up as it keeps moving quickly. The hosts will be happy to help you out whenever you ask. Even the other community members will assist you in every manner and share their netiquette knowledge.

Please do not use capital letters in chat rooms; this is seen as shouting and may be perceived as aggression. (Hosts sometimes use capitals during promotions to be seen more easily or when making important announcements).

If you want to join in please do say hello when you enter the room so others are aware you are there.

The following abbreviations should help you get started:

  • 1tg need 1 to go in bingo
  • 2tg need 2 to go in bingo
  • 3tg need 3 to go in bingo
  • afk away from keyboard
  • bbl be back later
  • bbs be back soon
  • bl bad luck
  • brb be right back
  • gg good game
  • gl good luck
  • gla good luck all
  • glng good luck next game
  • hb hurry back
  • lmao laughing my *** off
  • lol laughs out loud
  • rofl rolls on floor laughing
  • sys see you soon
  • tc take care
  • ty thank you
  • ul unlucky
  • wb welcome back
  • wd well done
  • wtg way to go
  • yw you are welcome