Here's all that is happening on GameVillage this month

The 2016 Summer Olympic games have begun in Rio and the extravagance of it has spilled over on to GameVillage as well. One look at our promotions page will tell you how much of excitement awaits players the whole of August and the multitude of prizes that are yet to be given out!

So, join the race to the top and win unexpected prizes for the time and money you spend on our site. Be a champion in any of our following key events;

Medal Winners

Just a slice of your favourite pie: Our never ending promotions

Has all the football frenzy has tired you out? Well, buckle up, because we are not done yet! There has been a lot of buzz going around on GameVillage and we want to ensure that you aren’t missing out on any of it. Here’s a first look in to all that is happening and all that awaits you this month. Read on for a deeper understanding of our promotions and make sure that you make the most of them this month.

Here’s to another year full of surprises

Happy New Year Villagers! After all the festivities of 2015, we know that you could be a little hard on cash this month. That is why, we are giving you a couple of cash back offers along with BOGOF tickets that you can buy Mondays to Thursdays.

Fair Game, Hot to Trot and of course the Happy Hours are the promotions to look out for along with massive giveaways in the Super Games that are held every Friday and Saturday in the Village Inn room.

Have a Very Merry Christmas with GameVillage this December

It’s the month of giving Villagers and we have saved the best for the last. We have stacked up this entire month with incredible promotions which are guaranteed to keep your holiday spirits soaring.

So come get ready for an exciting Christmas this December. Here’s a quick look at a few of our new promotions;

The countdown to 2016 begins

It has been a great year so far and we want to make the last couple of months on GameVillage a memorable one. We have come with a whole bunch of promotions this month, out of which a few of the big ones are listed below;

Start your ‘Countdown to 2016’ by making it to our leader board depending on the number of tokens you manage to collect till the end of December. Collecting tokens are as easy as making a deposit of £22 and it’s multiples (£44, £66, £88, etc).

October Promotions on GameVillage

It’s time for all new promotions on GameVillage this October and we have quite a few surprises lined up for you. Enjoy your time on our site playing exciting games and win rewarding prizes including 100 free tickets to the biggest Power Game of the season which will be held early January next year. Come check out some of our unbeatable and unique promotions this month;

£12, 000,000 Jackpot slots now on GameVillage

Hey villagers! We have some very exciting news for you.We now have new progressive jackpot slots on our site with the super popular game Mega Moolah being the highlight. The Mega Moolah slot game probably has one of the most well-known progressive jackpots online which currently stands at more than £11 million in prize money.

Greatest of surprises await you this September at GameVillage Bingo

Autumn, the years loveliest smile is here and what we have in store for you is surely going to bring a beautiful smile on your face too. We are giving away surprise gifts, vouchers worth £500 and plenty of opportunities to double up your game prizes! So get ready to win these fabulous prizes right here on GameVillage

It’s going to be a good month and here’s what you can look forward to this September;

Introducing ‘Unplugged’ a new 90 ball bingo room in GameVillage

Great News Villagers! We have just added a new 90 ball bingo room ‘UNPLUGGED’ to our site. This is an exclusive room for the fans of GameVillage Facebook page, where you stand a chance to win prizes in the form of bingo bonus and freebies. There will be one game each on Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 pm and on each day you can win up to a total prize worth £25.


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