Bingo and Superstitions: Are you carrying your lucky charm?

Have you ever felt a bit superstitious about certain things when if comes to a game of bingo and luck? Of course you have. And this goes to show how much you believe in lucky charms and the luck it brings in turning the game in your favor.

So, whatever may be your superstition, here are a few lucky charms we have all believed in at atleast one point in our lives;

1.Lucky charms:

A successful month of over £8,000 in Loyal Loots!

At GameVillage, we believe that our players are like family and that bingo bonds run thicker than blood. To show our appreciation towards our Villagers, we conducted the Loyalty Loot program where depending on the deposits players made, they had Loyalty ranks and points awarded. The rewards were massive entries into the months prize draws, as well as cash backs of up to 10%.

Look who’s winning the Big Bucks on GameVillage!

At GameVillage, we never miss a chance to congratulate our winners and our champions this month are Dspwhite and Jeanetteheath. They have had a fantastic time in our Bust the Bank and Rabbit in the Hat slot games respectively. Are you familiar with these games? Here’s a glimpse in case you want to give your luck a shot at these games!

Bust The Bank

Will you bag the Loyalty Loot?

We adore the love and adulation we get from our players and we want our players to know- that we love you all too! Hence we decided to give our Loyalty program a makeover and now there’s an entire bunch of rewards to loot from. We are hoping that you will love our LOYALTY LOOT and here’s all that you need to know about it!

There are 5 levels starting with the Bronze level all the way up till the shimmering Diamond. There are free prize draw entries cashback offers awaiting you every month based on the amount of deposits you make.

The evil Halloween treats are here on GameVillage this October

With only a couple of weeks left for Halloween, we have just the right number of treats for you on GameVillage Bingo. Starting with our Trick or Treat, where you get an unexpected prize or the Spooktacular Game that will be held on the 31st of October, there is plenty of easy Halloween gifts to look out for.

Here is a quick run through all the different prizes that you can win on the site this month;

It’s been a Slot-lover’s Month on GameVillage

Have you heard the latest buzz? There are new games that are being introduced every week apart from the already huge range of slot games on the site. Happy Mushrooms is going to be all over the village with a Jewel Journey that is going to make us all very, very rich, but watch out because a Pirate Princess can also catch you hook, line and sinker!


Let’s just accept it - Brexit invoked fears in our minds. And why not, when every speculation possible, hinted at a rather dismal picture of the economy in the days ahead. From increased costs in financial services to impacting property markets, the expectations set were certainly stoking apprehension across the country. Top it off with immediate effects of a lowered growth rate and a devalued sterling pound and there you have it- a dubious nation propelled by a fear of uncertainty.

Here's all that is happening on GameVillage this month

The 2016 Summer Olympic games have begun in Rio and the extravagance of it has spilled over on to GameVillage as well. One look at our promotions page will tell you how much of excitement awaits players the whole of August and the multitude of prizes that are yet to be given out!

So, join the race to the top and win unexpected prizes for the time and money you spend on our site. Be a champion in any of our following key events;

Medal Winners


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