Come celebrate the spirit of sisterhood with GameVillage Bingo!

Every year on the 8th of March, Women’s Day is celebrated globally to commemorate the women’s rights movement that the world has witnessed. This day also calls for celebration of women who have excelled in varied fields and also brings into light all that still needs to be done for complete gender parity.

We all know that the world is still far form equal for men and women. Women are still not paid equal wages everywhere, spend more time performing unpaid and domestic work than their male counterparts on an average, and form a significantly smaller proportion of the labor force. The question is, when will complete parity be achieved? Well, according to the estimates by The World Economic Forum, it will take until the year 2186.

So what can we do to achieve gender equality sooner?

1.Take a pledge of sisterhood- Understand that your support towards every other woman will create the ultimate change.

2.Rise against inequality- Speak up and raise your voice against the evils of injustice and violence against women. Your voice matters.

3.Mentor- Mentor girls who might need help and guidance and also the women at your workplace and in your communities. Be there for them when they need you and support them through their struggles.

4.Understand- Understand that women all over the world face problems that can be solved only if we all stand together. Learn to connect with woman around you and volunteer as much as you can towards bringing equality and empowerment.

Lastly, make your contribution count by working towards gender parity not just today, but everyday. We at GameVillage Bingo salute women and wish all women around the world ‘A Happy International Women’s Day’.

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