Love stories of our villagers that are no less than fairy tales

We recently asked the GameVillage community to tell us their “how we met” love story and here’s what they shared with us that will surely melt your heart.

1. We were both young when I first saw you...

Because love knows no boundaries.

Angela Hepburni says, “first met Dave when he was in primary school next to my secondary school (i was a first year) i shared my crisps with him through the playground railings between the two schools. We met again when he came to fix my car 20yrs later and we are still together over 30yrs later lol”

2.Our heart sang the same song...

Sweet 16! Here’s what happened on one rainy day.

Margaret Frances says, “i met my husband when i was 16 he was a singer in a pop band and was playing in a local place called "Jazz Workshop" the best place in the town. He gave me some drumsticks and walked me home. My mother was waiting up for me and as it was chucking it down with rain we were obviously wet through and her comment was ‘who was that little old man that brought you home’ (He was wearing a flat cap) We still laugh about it now having been married 52 years”

3. Marry that girl, marry her anyway...

When she thought it was a joke but 6 weeks later they were standing at the altar.

June Newlandwe says, “met in a town club,on first date he said im going to marry you and i laughed but 6 weeks later we were married, its now been 29 years ......30 in November and bliss we been there for each other ever since”

4.We found love in a hopeless place...

They say your brain stops functioning when you fall in love and that’s what exactly happened here.

Donna Tottonhow says, “we met my brother and hubby’s brother were Friends he was dropping his brother off at my house at the time all hell was breaking out my next door neighbor who had been drinking and god nos what else was trying to kick my door( well my dads door i still lived at home then) door down i was waiting on the police lol and in the middle of all this he says will you go to the pictures with me i said no at first but later i said yes we have been married 20 years this year lol so even though he picked the worst time to ask me out it was meant too be lol”

5. Long distance couldn’t part us...

A thousand miles seems pretty far, but they've got planes, trains and cars but he’d walk to her if he had no other way.

Sharon Smith says, “My husband & I first met at school. We dated for a while but both went away to different colleges. we met up again when we were both visiting home and have been together ever since. We've been married 22 years this year, and he still makes me laugh.”

Life may not be a fairy tale, but love is what makes it more beautiful. So come, celebrate this season of love with GameVillage and have a splendid date.

Wish you all a very happy valentines day :)

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