Celebrating The Season Of Love with Unbeatable Promotions

The day of love is ‘round the corner and here at GameVillage, we are getting ready to celebrate it.
Come and join us for the following promotions to make the most of this season and experience how lovely life can get with a little bit of the good old luck.

Oh Oh Heaven-

We have decided to double your jackpot here on GameVillage. Just call on any number ending in 0 between 6 pm and 9 pm in the Village Inn and double your prize. The promotion is open to all homeowners at Village, so don’t forget to spend your evenings with us to be rewarded.

Bull’s Eye-

It is time to get luckier. Win the top of the Day game and receive a prize based on your final ball. The prizes will be given according to the very generous Bull’s eye board so don’t hesitate to participate. If the prize has been won previously, a consolation prize will be credited.

Hot Love-

We are giving away £100 every week this month. All players who purchased tickets when the Hotball has been won will receive an entry into a weekly draw to win one of four prizes of £25. This is our gift of love to you, generous enough?


Start a countdown by calling a full house in any of the 5p evening games in our 90 ball bingo.Win any line, 2 lines or a full house of the next 5 games and you will be rewarded with a share of £1000 based on your individual scores.

Hit The Top-

Scale major heights with this promotion. A specific qualifying number of balls have been decided for each day, if you call full house on them you will win a share of £1000, up to a maximum of £200 per player.

Love Hearts-

Spread the love around by winning as many heart patterns as you can in Speed Bingo. You will receive a share of £500! The more the patterns you make, the more will be your share of the prize money.

That Ole Devil-

Play elimination bingo between 4 and 6 pm on any day and raise your wager to receive a share of £100. The prize will be divided among the players with the top ten wagers.

The Charity Event-

Valentine’s Day is about more than just showing love to your paramours, choose to celebrate this month sharing happiness with thousands of young parents and newborns helped by the Lullaby Trust. All wagers placed on the 1p session in Village Inn at 3 pm on the 28th of February will be donated to the charity.

We have these and many other awesome promotions lined up for you this February, head over to our promotions page to check them out. And yes, Happy Valentine’s Day folks!

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