Early morning or late at night: Is there a right time to play bingo online?

The world gambling, whether online or offline, is filled with superstitions. Though we may seem all rational and unbelieving at first, most of us have the tendency to associate luck to large bingo wins or (unfortunate) losses. Here at GameVillage Bingo, we are trying to find ways to solve these problems so that our cherished villagers do not feel low and disheartened during their gaming experience.

It is often seen that if someone wins at 5AM, a number of times, he/she starts associating that time with their luck or as a technical loophole. So how far is this theory true?

Playing at wee hours guaranteed that there will be fewer players around. This will increase your chances of winning. But even if you wake up in the middle of the night to play the game, there is still a concern… you may find yourself in the company of many people with similar hopes, all awake and wanting to hit the BIG JACKPOT.

Another con of this ‘timing’ tactic is that due to a lesser number of players, the games that run at these hours may not have huge jackpots as compared to games that are played during peak hours.

In conclusion, it all boils down to choice. Would you be willing to wake up at three in the morning to play a game with a lower jackpot in hopes of winning, or would you want to play at the peak times when the chat rooms have plenty of people to talk to and the jackpots are literally overwhelming?

The only thing that makes all the difference is how lucky you are at that time, on that day and in the bingo room you choose to play in.

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