What does it take to win that BIG JACKPOT?

Online slots are a big sensation these days. Everyone wants to play this particular game as it keeps them glued to the screen with their fingers crossed as the reels move. Eager to win that jackpot. The joy and excitement of the game is unparalleled.

A typical casino slot machine has three reels and one pay line while an online slot machine can have any number of reels (the most common is the five reel slot game) and a large number of pay lines (anywhere from 5 to 30). People usually look any sort of online gambling game with some suspicion and oftentimes assume that they have figured out how to win. Do any of these claims really hold? Let’s find out.

1. Myth: Rigged Machines- One of the biggest online slot machine myths is that the slot machines are rigged by the casino websites to reward selected players.

Truth: Slot machines work on a system called Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG is a software component that is present in all slot machines of a licensed gaming provider. RNG chooses a sequence of random numbers that make the reels stop at a particular point. The RNG has no memory of previous spins. Which means that the RNG does not remember whether you have won or lost previously and every game is completely fair and random.

2. Myth: The Due Jackpot- This myth says that if a machine has not paid in a long time, it soon will because your jackpot is due.

Truth: An extension of the previous myth, the slot machines work on an RNG system. There is no way for the machine to know if it has or has not paid recently because every spin is completely random.

3. Myth: Auto-Play vs. Click- It is thought that an auto play button will lead to less number of wins so it is better to click the spin button every time.

Truth: This myth is essentially equivalent to thinking that pulling the lever on a land based machine will pay more than pushing the button. No matter which option you choose, auto play as well as clicking the button will give you the same chances of winning.

4. Myth: It’s All about Timing- Certain times of the day provide chances for better payoffs than others.

Truth: It all boils down to the RNG again. The spread of winnings is even throughout the day. The time or previous performance does not influence the current game.

Winning in online slots is only based on luck. There is no strategy or plan you or the casinos can use to increase or decrease your chances of winning. So fret not! Enjoy the game in all its fairness. Happy gaming y’all!

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