October Promotions on GameVillage

It’s time for all new promotions on GameVillage this October and we have quite a few surprises lined up for you. Enjoy your time on our site playing exciting games and win rewarding prizes including 100 free tickets to the biggest Power Game of the season which will be held early January next year. Come check out some of our unbeatable and unique promotions this month;

Dastardly Ducks: For every £22 you deposit, we will give a duck that will help you make it to the top 100 players and if you do make it the top 5 spots, then you win £50 each. The rest of the 95 players will be handed out surprise gifts!

Another promotion where we are looking to giveaway 100 prizes to 100 players is in the ‘£5,000 Prize Giveaway.’ Just enjoy playing your favorite games, that is all you need to do!

Number of the Beast: Call bingo on the lowest ball in Elimination Bingo and we shall hand out a mystery gift which could be either in cash, bonuses, vouchers, lucky ducks and more.

It’s a Knockout in the Village Inn room where the top 24 players who call on the most bingo numbers, win a place in the £500 prize draw. The knockout herein, lies when you call bingo on the same number again and you lose.

Our Seaside Bingo room is now open between Thursdays and Sundays at 9pm. Collect as many Lucky Ducks as you can to swap them for a prize of your choice which include free cards, chocolate hampers, cases of wine, flat screen televisions and more.

Apart from all these promos, we have a total of 5 Bonanza promotions where you could win 100 free tickets to the massive £3,500 Power game that will be held in a few months time.

So whichever game you decide to play, make sure you know what prizes are being giving out and you could win them all especially the cases of wine and chocolates!

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