Here’s to another year full of surprises

Happy New Year Villagers! After all the festivities of 2015, we know that you could be a little hard on cash this month. That is why, we are giving you a couple of cash back offers along with BOGOF tickets that you can buy Mondays to Thursdays.

Fair Game, Hot to Trot and of course the Happy Hours are the promotions to look out for along with massive giveaways in the Super Games that are held every Friday and Saturday in the Village Inn room.

We had some massive winners last year and are looking for just as many winners this year with new Syndicate Sundays, where 22 lucky depositors will be chosen to be given out BLOTTO tickets. A prize of £2,222 will be shared among all the qualifying players.

We are also on the look out for our top 10 terminators. All it takes to be one among them and rewarded a share of £100 is to be among the top wagerers in the Elimination Bingo room.

2016 is finally upon us. Let’s make the most out of it villagers! There’s new games to discover and bigger prizes to be won. So see you all soon on our site and unravel a whole new journey with us!

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