A successful month of over £8,000 in Loyal Loots!

At GameVillage, we believe that our players are like family and that bingo bonds run thicker than blood. To show our appreciation towards our Villagers, we conducted the Loyalty Loot program where depending on the deposits players made, they had Loyalty ranks and points awarded. The rewards were massive entries into the months prize draws, as well as cash backs of up to 10%.

We were stunned by the amazing response we got, to say the least. Not only did our players show their loyalty towards the games, they also managed to climb up the Loyalty Ladder rapidly through the month of October! We are ecstatic to inform you that the giveaways we gave in return for your loyalty and trust exceeded £8,000! Hundreds of players benefited from this and we were thrilled to see the positivity and enthusiasm.

Always trying to enhance the player experience and nurture the bond between players, GameVillage ensures that the love and loyalty we receive does not go unnoticed and the Loyalty Loot was our way of saying THANK YOU to you all!

Keep playing, keep winning and stay loyal, Villagers!

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