Here's all that is happening on GameVillage this month

The 2016 Summer Olympic games have begun in Rio and the extravagance of it has spilled over on to GameVillage as well. One look at our promotions page will tell you how much of excitement awaits players the whole of August and the multitude of prizes that are yet to be given out!

So, join the race to the top and win unexpected prizes for the time and money you spend on our site. Be a champion in any of our following key events;

Medal Winners

Your deposits this month can get you a free entry into either of the Gold, Silver or Bronze teams at GameVillage. 5 prizes of £100 will be won by the Gold team, 5 prizes of £50 can be won by Gold or Silver team members and 10 prizes of £25 can be won by any of the members from any team. With prizes worth £1,000 waiting to be won, what are you waiting for? Find your team now!

Individual Medley

Now, if your a master of many strokes, then this one’s for you. Win a full house game in the Village Inn, 90 Ball Bingo, Village Fair, Speed Bingo, and Elimination Bingo on the same day, and by the end of the month 10 random players will be chosen to win £50 each and all others will win £5. So get ready, set, go!

Long Jump

Take the longest plunge this season on GameVillage. Everyday, an additional prize of £25 will be given out to the player calling full house on the highest ball on any of the penny games held in the Village Inn room. Guess what’s the best part- you can win this prize everyday!

Synchronised Swimming
Here’s a splash of happiness for all of you looking to win a quick buck. Win all three prizes on any individual 1p or 2p game in the 90 Ball Bingo room and claim an extra £20!
100 meters

If not for fitness then at least for free prizes, run that race! Win any pattern in the Village Inn room to gain points and climb up the leaderboard. By the end of the month, the top 20 players will go into a draw to win a share of £500.


Whether you can shoot an apple or not, here’s another £500 being given out in the Village Fair room. All players making buy ins on a randomly selected day will share this prize. Players making more buy-ins will win a bigger share.


We let Rocky be our inspiration and we came up with this. As the name goes, make as many box patterns in the Speed Bingo room in one day and climb the leaderboard to reach the top prize of £100!

Rio 2016

Last but not the least, here’s one more excuse to celebrate Rio Olympics 2016. Call on ball 20 or 16 on the Top of the Hour game and get a chance to win a gold medal prize of an extra £100.

The celebrations are on in full swing this month on GameVillage and so is the competition. Do you have what it takes to be the best Olympian at GameVillage? Well, give it your best shot and we shall soon find out.

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