GameVillage Bingo July Specials

With the improving weather and a chance to tan, July after all seems quite exciting. To add to the excitement, GameVillage is bringing you great offers so that you get the best value for your quid. If you have spare time for a little dab or to whirl the slots, you could end up winning thousands this July. The site is jam-packed with great bargains and if all this sounds exciting, then read on for more details.

1. Key to the Door : Deposit £21 or more this month and start collecting keys on every deposit made throughout July and August. More the keys, better will be the chances of winning £2,100 cash prize.
1st prize £600
2nd Prize £300
3rd Prize £200
20 consolation prizes of £50/each

2. Time for fun : It’s summer time villagers! Whether you like the roller coasters and the slot machines, or prefer a slice of cake and a cup of tea, better not forget your umbrella. Call bingo on any of these patterns in the Village Inn room to enter a draw and win one of ten prizes of £50.

3. Rise and Shine : Be the star of GameVillage and receive the acclaimed title of the Hottest Star, Speed Star, Terminator or Villager of the month. To receive these titles, try to win most hotballs, speed bingo games, elimination bingo games or be the friendliest player in the chat rooms, and you could end up winning a share of £350.

4. Bull’s Eye : It’s always nice to receive something after a losing streak. Deposit at least £50 and play the fabulous slot games to your heart’s content. If you win, we couldn’t be happier, but in case luck is not in your favour and you lose your money, we will give you cashback !

5. Two Little Ducks : Call full house on two little ducks i.e. number 22 in the 90 ball room and we will top up your prize with an extra 22 quid.

6. Unlucky for some : 13 may be considered inauspicious and unlucky, but this month, the number 13 is the most sought after number for slot lovers. Wager on selected slots and if you lose, you receive 13% cashback on total losses.

7. Wally’s Den : We love to give our villagers more than what they bargain for. That’s why when you spend £10 cash on bingo games on Sundays this month, we will top up your account with £5 bingo bonus to help you enjoy the games and win more.

8. Mark’s Live : Send in your song request to DJ Mark. If he plays your song in the Jukebox hour, you will receive £5 in bingo bonus.

Start the month with a bang! Don’t hang around. Get playing and you never know you might just hit those biggies today.

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