What Does Your Favourite Bingo Drink Say About You?

You have just found some time to rest after a long day and have turned on your computer to start a relaxing game of bingo to distract yourself for a while. You put on your comfy t-shirt and make yourself at ease with a glass in your hand while tuning into your game and start chatting up with your online friends on GameVillage. Do you know that the contents of the glass/cup/pitcher can tell heaps about you? Read on and find out how your favorite bingo drink defines your fun time:

Tea or coffee- If you are having a cup of tea or coffee, you are probably playing in the afternoon when you have a little window of time for yourself. You just want to relax for a bit and probably consider that a game of bingo would help you do that.

Port- Bingo players love drinking port. Nothing says ‘I just want to be alone for a while’ like port does. The comfort of cuddling in your bed with a glass of wine and playing a game of bingo is unmatchable.

Lager- Lager is the drink of fun times and homeliness. Nothing can go wrong with a lager in your hand, you are here to have fun and you will have it.

Whiskey- You are an old soul if you sip on whiskey as you play. You might as well qualify to be a professional. A professional what? Well, anything you want to be. Hard on the outside, you are really fun with the bingo chat friends who have known you for long.

Bingo- What would be a better drink than the one named after the game itself? If you are having a bingo while playing a game of bingo you are probably in a bingo themed party. Or maybe you just like good cocktails.
Now that you know what your drink says about your game, sit back and relax with one. But before you start playing, remember to drink responsibly. Happy playing folks!

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