The countdown to 2016 begins

It has been a great year so far and we want to make the last couple of months on GameVillage a memorable one. We have come with a whole bunch of promotions this month, out of which a few of the big ones are listed below;

Start your ‘Countdown to 2016’ by making it to our leader board depending on the number of tokens you manage to collect till the end of December. Collecting tokens are as easy as making a deposit of £22 and it’s multiples (£44, £66, £88, etc).

We all love ‘Happy Hours’ and that is why we are giving you one ticket free with every ticket you buy in our Village Inn room between 8am and 9am in the morning and 6pm and 7pm in the evening.

Visit our prize draw page and ‘Pick a prize’ of your choice by exchanging prize points. Else win 10 free tickets to each of the 4 prize draws that will be held on the 30th of this month with a simple deposit of just £10.

We also have exclusive promotions for each day of the week to keep you going;

Be a part of the ‘Monday Madness’ in our 90 Ball room where a share of £100 is being given out in every alternate game between 11pm and midnight. There will be a total of 6 games played and in each game the full house winner gets a prize £60!

2. Win yourself a couple of ‘Tuesday Treats’ in our Speed Bingo room. These are guaranteed prizes being given out to winners which are worth at least £10 in each of the alternate games played between 5pm and 6pm.

Consider being among the ‘Wednesday Winners’ in Village Fair where every third game will have guaranteed prizes for you. Although the tickets are 11p each, it sure is worth a shot on Wednesday between 6pm and midnight.

‘Thursday Thrillers’ run in our Elimination Bingo room all the way up to Sunday for 1 hour every night. Any player who calls Full House on the lowest ball between 10pm to 10.55pm will be given a mystery gift!

Play the ‘Friday Fairplay’ session in the 90 Ball room where all players play with the same number of tickets. The action begins at 8.05 pm and goes on till 8.55pm.

So whichever day of the week it may be, we have just the entertainment you need!

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