Have you been a regular player in our bingo rooms? Then, chances are certain that you have come across a few weird and obtuse responses while the game is on. From regrettable groans to thunders of applause, you have encountered it all while playing a game of bingo. Whether you are playing in a bingo hall or a game of online bingo at the GameVillage lobby, here are the top five reactions that all of us have definitely gone through;

1. A few sly glances:

Every time the callers calls out a number and your bingo mates raise their daubers to strike off a number, while you have been waiting for turn for ever! You can’t help but just furtively peep into their cards. It’s probably of no use, but you can’t stop yourself from taking a couple of ignorant peeks, right?

2. An angry outroar:

Didn’t get your lucky number within three to four calls? You will certainly throw a bit of a tantrum. A whine, a curse, a grunt or you could even be tempted to breaking your computer!

3. The Sense of Satisfaction:

The pride of an accomplishment never fails to show itself off. Got four to five numbers correct, consecutively? There you go! You can’t help but throw that look of superiority around, especially when you hear your fellow bingo mates impatiently cursing the caller!

4. The moment of Heartbreak:

The pain of thousand heartbreaks that surrounds you when you have just a couple of numbers left to get the FULL HOUSE. Instead, seeing the entire payout being handed over to someone else while you were just a few numbers away, is quite frustrating!

5. “BINGO!”:

That final number on your ticket that you have been waiting for, to complete a FULL HOUSE! And you finally get it! Luck is definitely playing in your favor now!

Whatever it is you may be feeling, bingo is a game of mixed emotions. You can never say what you can expect. But, ultimately there is nothing that can beat the feeling of winning a jackpot and the utter joyfulness it brings.

You let out a big “woohoo!” or “hurray!”A fist pump and applaud for yourself while a sense of pride envelops you. Because it’s Celebration time!

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