Online Bingo bonuses, free bingo tickets and more...

Bingo is a widely played game with players all around the globe. Now that bingo has become more accessible with the advent of technology, more and more people are joining in the phenomenon that is online bingo. The game is certainly a gamble and it’s much easier to play than its casino counterparts. Nowadays you do not even have to step out of your home to indulge in this guilty pleasure; you can sit in the comfort of your living room and bring the bingo rooms to your doorstep with the plethora of online bingo sites around.

A large number of these websites provide bonuses targeted at their potential customers and loyal patrons. Here are some common bonuses you should know about:

1. Sign up Bonus-

Sign up bonuses are given to all players who sign up on a bingo website. Usually ranging from five to fifty pounds, a sign-up bonus is added to your account even before you deposit any money. The withdrawal of the money earned from a sign-up bonus, though, is what is different across the sites. While some sites let you withdraw it as a lump sum, others only let the withdrawal to be processed in parts and only if you meet certain prerequisites.

2. Free Ticket-

By using the free ticket or the freeroll bonus you can figure out if the bingo site is good enough for you. You will be given a free ticket bonus on most bingo sites, this will be in form of complimentary bingo tickets you can use in a bingo room meant for new users.

3. Promotions-

Promotions usually range from weekly or seasonal offers for regular players. The promotions can be in many forms and aim at increasing players’ earnings and consequently the number of players.

Here at GameVillage you will be given access to top bonuses. With our high sign up bonus and monthly promotions, we will make sure that your experience with us remains fun-filled and exciting.

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