Charity and Online Bingo

Lotteries, in UK, are permitted provided they raise money for charities. As per law, 20% of the value of the lottery ticket must go to a Charity. These lotteries are sold in competition with the National Lottery but operate under tighter regulations. For example, a lottery run for charity can have a maximum jackpot of £200,000 whereas the National Lottery has no maximum.

Bingo too, has a raffle-like quality about it, making it an ideal game for charity initiatives and events. Due to its fun and sociable nature, bingo has an added advantage over raffles and lotteries, making it even more suitable for charity fetes and events.

Even though there are occasional cash prizes, most UK bingo halls serve as some form of charity and participants play just for fun, receiving a token prizes too.

On the contrary bingo events are mostly hosted by churches and charity organizations. Over the years online bingo coming into picture online charity bingo is becoming increasingly popular along with the raised sense of social awareness.

Playing Bingo for charity

Charity bingo is popular. Most of the bingo enthusiasts love the fact that they can now enjoy their favorite online game as well as contribute to a worthy cause.

While some of the Charity Bingo give out a percentage of their profits to charity, whereas others might donate a percentage of deposits. Sites which are owned by registered charities are obliged to donate all of their proceeds.

Some profitable online bingo sites have the occasional charity offer, where there’s a one off game to raise money for something in particular. Alternatively, they may have a monthly charity draw of some sort.

Charity Bingo at GameVillage

At GameVillage, our motif is not just to entertain our players or promote gambling. Like a number of reputable online bingo clubs, we took regularly serves charities. Our regular bingo lovers and players have always been generous enough to come together to support all the good causes we are anticipating towards.

At GameVillage Bingo, on the last day of each month, at 3:00pm to 3:55 all wagers placed on the 1p session in the Village Inn is donated to any one charity, across UK.

This month, on the 28th of February we are giving our Villagers the chance to support Lullaby Trust, a charity that deals with specialist support for bereaved families, promotes expert advice on safer baby sleep and raises awareness on sudden infant deaths.
Raising funds for charity and bingo has always gone hand in hand. However it’s quite of solicitous to know that there has been a shift towards charitable giving in online gaming.

There are more and more charity bingo sites to choose from, supporting a whole selection of causes. Even if you like playing for massive jackpots and large winnings, it can be nice once and a while to play for a worthy cause that is close to your heart, and who knows, you might even win something too! However it is always best to play with reputable charitable gaming sites to ensure that your money is going to safe hands.

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