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It’s been a Slot-lover’s Month on GameVillage

Have you heard the latest buzz? There are new games that are being introduced every week apart from the already huge range of slot games on the site. Happy Mushrooms is going to be all over the village with a Jewel Journey that is going to make us all very, very rich, but watch out because a Pirate Princess can also catch you hook, line and sinker!

Early morning or late at night: Is there a right time to play bingo online?

The world gambling, whether online or offline, is filled with superstitions. Though we may seem all rational and unbelieving at first, most of us have the tendency to associate luck to large bingo wins or (unfortunate) losses. Here at GameVillage Bingo, we are trying to find ways to solve these problems so that our cherished villagers do not feel low and disheartened during their gaming experience.

Benefits of trying new games online

Let’s be a bit truthful here, all of us love our comfort zones. We get to do whatever we want, relax, sleep and do exactly what we want to without anyone judging us, and guess what? We all love it and cherish it. Boredom seems to be far from possible with all the tasks we end up having to do everyday. End of the day, all that matters is comfort. But for how long can we keep doing the same thing over and over again?

What your favorite bingo room says about your personality

Each bingo player has their most loved room. That one room where they happen to be additionally fortunate, or where they meet their companions each night, or where they get really chatty and can’t help themselves. It's alright; we won't tell the others which one you like best.

However, did you realize that your bingo room of choice uncovers a ton about your personality? Regardless of whether you spend more time in our Village Cafe, Seaside, or by the Chip Van, what does your most loved GameVillage bingo room say about you? Let’s find out!

Charity and Online Bingo

Lotteries, in UK, are permitted provided they raise money for charities. As per law, 20% of the value of the lottery ticket must go to a Charity. These lotteries are sold in competition with the National Lottery but operate under tighter regulations. For example, a lottery run for charity can have a maximum jackpot of £200,000 whereas the National Lottery has no maximum.

Here's why online bingo players are the best!

We have all played our share of online bingo. But have you ever wondered why you keep coming back to it? One of the biggest reasons is the people. Yes! You heard that right! Players get to make enduring relationships with other players over a period of time.

Following are a few justifications as to why a mutual love for bingo results in a long lasting relationship between players:

Social Buddies

Tips and tricks to winning every time

These Tips Will Help You Win Big at Online Poker

Poker is one of the most interesting and widely played casino games. Almost everyone has played or at least heard of poker. This classic game gives you excitement, thrill and a strange adrenaline rush. A win at a poker game may seem so big that you may start feeling like the happiest person on the planet. So go on and increase the odds of winning at this gamble by following the tips below:

1. Begin the game with lower stakes-

Online bingo: Is it a fair game?

Fair Gaming with GameVillage Bingo

Online bingo is reasonably fair in the event that you play at a trusted webpage. The web based betting industry is generally unregulated so essentially anybody with a minimal expenditure in the bank can set up shop. On the web, notoriety is everything. Until we get an overall administering body for betting, we'll need to depend on notoriety to figure out which sites merit joining.

King of Slots

This incredible slot game by Cozygames is everything the name claims. The sound of bugle announces your entry, and as you start the game you already start feeling like a fairy tale king! Everything about this game will remind you of royalty. There is a castle in the backdrop, lucky numbers with diamonds and gold, crowns, royal armours, pretty princesses, court jesters and grand feasts.


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