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It’s been a Slot-lover’s Month on GameVillage

Have you heard the latest buzz? There are new games that are being introduced every week apart from the already huge range of slot games on the site. Happy Mushrooms is going to be all over the village with a Jewel Journey that is going to make us all very, very rich, but watch out because a Pirate Princess can also catch you hook, line and sinker!

Village Inn - It’s getting incredibly hot!

There are plenty of reasons why GameVillage has the repute of being unique. Scoot to the hottest 75 ball bingo room in town and leave the room super thrilled.

Pop over anytime around the clock to Village Inn room and experience the thrill of hotball. It is akin to the concept of progressive jackpots. Each game will have a random hotball number. Player's aim is to call full house on that number to win the hotball prize. Easy peasy!

Play 90 Ball with a twist

90 Ball is the most famous version among the bingo fanatics. Dive straight in to play the bingo classic with a twist. For the first time ever, we’ve introduced the concept of supertickets. On the purchase of bingo tickets in GameVillage, if you get a super ticket along with the normal ticket then consider yourself super luck, for every full house called on your superticket number will win the full house prize plus the superticket prize. Isn’t that a double whammy!

It’s about time you speed up your bingo game

Does this sound familiar - you are in the middle of a bingo game and suddenly find yourself drifting away. Happens often, doesn’t it? It’s about time you pace up your game. Bump up the excitement with our 75 ball pattern Speed Bingo games played everyday for 6 hours straight. It’s fast, easy and perfectly fits into your hectic schedule.

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