What your favorite bingo room says about your personality

Each bingo player has their most loved room. That one room where they happen to be additionally fortunate, or where they meet their companions each night, or where they get really chatty and can’t help themselves. It's alright; we won't tell the others which one you like best.

However, did you realize that your bingo room of choice uncovers a ton about your personality? Regardless of whether you spend more time in our Village Cafe, Seaside, or by the Chip Van, what does your most loved GameVillage bingo room say about you? Let’s find out!

As an enthusiast of our Village-Cafe room, there's nothing you cherish more than a cup of coffee with friends. It's the ideal anxiety buster and you really need to take time out from your daily routine every once in a while. You're continually looking out for the better things in life and are a big time foodie! Your grub is just as important as your espresso. So, enjoy your time in our Village Cafe bingo room with your favorite online bingo buddies over a coffee.

In case Seaside Bingo is your most loved room, we are sure that you love spending your holidays by the beach! You're continually planning your next vacation and love experiencing something new. We certainly hope you make that big win so you can go on that dream vacation you've been longing for. More than that however, you're a nice and friendly bingo player.

On the off chance that Chip-Van is your most loved room, you're a laid-back person who loves catching up with their companions every two days. There are stories to be told and advice to be taken! To you, friends and family are a prized possession. You play bingo for the family-feel, and love making up for lost time with your bingo pals in the bingo rooms, mulling over your thoughts about winning the jackpot!

So, keep gaming on our site and we shall bring you more entertaining facts that you didn’t know about yourself. Have fun villagers!

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