Celebrate Easter with these delightful promotions

This Easter, GameVillage brings you egg-licious promotions to satiate your love for bingo games. Just as kids enjoy Egg Hunting, we’ve got some really cool prize hunting games lined up for all the bingo fanatics out there! So, stop by GameVillage and add more excitement to the Easter celebrations by winning fortuitous rewards.

Here’s a sneak peak of our April promotions:

1. Match Ball:

Match Ball

It’s been a Slot-lover’s Month on GameVillage

Have you heard the latest buzz? There are new games that are being introduced every week apart from the already huge range of slot games on the site. Happy Mushrooms is going to be all over the village with a Jewel Journey that is going to make us all very, very rich, but watch out because a Pirate Princess can also catch you hook, line and sinker!

Just a slice of your favourite pie: Our never ending promotions

Has all the football frenzy has tired you out? Well, buckle up, because we are not done yet! There has been a lot of buzz going around on GameVillage and we want to ensure that you aren’t missing out on any of it. Here’s a first look in to all that is happening and all that awaits you this month. Read on for a deeper understanding of our promotions and make sure that you make the most of them this month.

Early morning or late at night: Is there a right time to play bingo online?

The world gambling, whether online or offline, is filled with superstitions. Though we may seem all rational and unbelieving at first, most of us have the tendency to associate luck to large bingo wins or (unfortunate) losses. Here at GameVillage Bingo, we are trying to find ways to solve these problems so that our cherished villagers do not feel low and disheartened during their gaming experience.

Come celebrate the spirit of sisterhood with GameVillage Bingo!

Every year on the 8th of March, Women’s Day is celebrated globally to commemorate the women’s rights movement that the world has witnessed. This day also calls for celebration of women who have excelled in varied fields and also brings into light all that still needs to be done for complete gender parity.

Benefits of trying new games online

Let’s be a bit truthful here, all of us love our comfort zones. We get to do whatever we want, relax, sleep and do exactly what we want to without anyone judging us, and guess what? We all love it and cherish it. Boredom seems to be far from possible with all the tasks we end up having to do everyday. End of the day, all that matters is comfort. But for how long can we keep doing the same thing over and over again?

What your favorite bingo room says about your personality

Each bingo player has their most loved room. That one room where they happen to be additionally fortunate, or where they meet their companions each night, or where they get really chatty and can’t help themselves. It's alright; we won't tell the others which one you like best.

However, did you realize that your bingo room of choice uncovers a ton about your personality? Regardless of whether you spend more time in our Village Cafe, Seaside, or by the Chip Van, what does your most loved GameVillage bingo room say about you? Let’s find out!

Charity and Online Bingo

Lotteries, in UK, are permitted provided they raise money for charities. As per law, 20% of the value of the lottery ticket must go to a Charity. These lotteries are sold in competition with the National Lottery but operate under tighter regulations. For example, a lottery run for charity can have a maximum jackpot of £200,000 whereas the National Lottery has no maximum.

Here's why online bingo players are the best!

We have all played our share of online bingo. But have you ever wondered why you keep coming back to it? One of the biggest reasons is the people. Yes! You heard that right! Players get to make enduring relationships with other players over a period of time.

Following are a few justifications as to why a mutual love for bingo results in a long lasting relationship between players:

Social Buddies

Tips and tricks to winning every time

These Tips Will Help You Win Big at Online Poker

Poker is one of the most interesting and widely played casino games. Almost everyone has played or at least heard of poker. This classic game gives you excitement, thrill and a strange adrenaline rush. A win at a poker game may seem so big that you may start feeling like the happiest person on the planet. So go on and increase the odds of winning at this gamble by following the tips below:

1. Begin the game with lower stakes-

Online bingo: Is it a fair game?

Fair Gaming with GameVillage Bingo

Online bingo is reasonably fair in the event that you play at a trusted webpage. The web based betting industry is generally unregulated so essentially anybody with a minimal expenditure in the bank can set up shop. On the web, notoriety is everything. Until we get an overall administering body for betting, we'll need to depend on notoriety to figure out which sites merit joining.

King of Slots

This incredible slot game by Cozygames is everything the name claims. The sound of bugle announces your entry, and as you start the game you already start feeling like a fairy tale king! Everything about this game will remind you of royalty. There is a castle in the backdrop, lucky numbers with diamonds and gold, crowns, royal armours, pretty princesses, court jesters and grand feasts.

Online Bingo bonuses, free bingo tickets and more...

Bingo is a widely played game with players all around the globe. Now that bingo has become more accessible with the advent of technology, more and more people are joining in the phenomenon that is online bingo. The game is certainly a gamble and it’s much easier to play than its casino counterparts. Nowadays you do not even have to step out of your home to indulge in this guilty pleasure; you can sit in the comfort of your living room and bring the bingo rooms to your doorstep with the plethora of online bingo sites around.

What Does Your Favourite Bingo Drink Say About You?

You have just found some time to rest after a long day and have turned on your computer to start a relaxing game of bingo to distract yourself for a while. You put on your comfy t-shirt and make yourself at ease with a glass in your hand while tuning into your game and start chatting up with your online friends on GameVillage. Do you know that the contents of the glass/cup/pitcher can tell heaps about you? Read on and find out how your favorite bingo drink defines your fun time:

Handle your Bingo budget the right way

Coming up with a budget for yourself is always an important factor when it comes to managing your personal finances and that includes setting up a leisure budget for yourself. If you are a bingo lover, it’s also important that you assign a budget for yourself with which you can indulge in some good rounds of bingo. To do this, you must find the best bingo deals, and experiment with various strategies to help you stretch your bingo pounds.


Whether it’s your favorite game of online bingo or any other casino games, let’s just accept it —gambling is a leisure activity. However, it does comes along with a few potentially serious risks.

Hence, at GameVillage we aim to encourage a balanced approach to gaming by providing practical tips on how to gamble responsibly.

Here’s a comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts to make sure that you never go out of the track:

DO’S of responsible gaming:

A deeper look into our 90-ball bingo rooms

Game Village offers players extraordinary bingo games for UK players. We reward you with the biggest of jackpots and best and bring to the table an online gaming experience like no other.
90 Ball Bingo is the most widely recognized online bingo game that is accessible and with its continually expanding prevalence in the UK, players are ensured to have a fabulous time! This energizing universe of 90 ball bingo has attracted millions of players, both young and old. At GameVillage, players have a huge catalog of 90-ball bingo games to choose from.

3 Ways for bingo players to ring in the New Years

New Year’s Eve is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to buckle up and start planning on what you’ll do when the clock strikes midnight. It is the night of the year that is hyped so much. People all around the world are making New Years plans, deciding on where to go, how to spend new years eve and so on. While some of you might be too confused on what to do, here are 3 ways for bingo lovers to ring in the New Years.

1.Fireworks display:

What your star sign says about your bingo style

Whether you believe in it or not, your sun signs always reveals something that is true about you. So, here we are today to tell you what your star sign says about your bingo styles.

1. Aquarius- January 20th to February 18th

Aquarius born people are fun with friends, help others, like intellectual conversation and are good listeners which tells that their bingo environment is always fun-filled and they take part in all the events that’s happening in and around their bingo game.

2. Pisces- February 19th to March 20th

Make merry and win big this month on GameVillage!

A cart full of gift waits for you, as Christmas hits your favorite Village! Log in to GameVillage to enjoy some fabulous Christmas promotions this December!

Here’s introducing Top of the Tree! During the tenure of all the Christmas promotions, there would be a qualifying ticket associated with each of the Top games of the hour between 1pm and midnight everyday at the VILLAGE INN. If you call on the qualifying balls you win £10. On marking off the number that completes a column you win £50. And if you get hold of the final number you win a massive £250!

Can you earn with Bingo?

While for the majority of bingo players it is purely a hobby, a large number of people consider it an income source. It is a precarious position to judge whether bingo can be a legitimate source of income, purely because of the nature of the game. It is dependent almost entirely on luck and any attempt to manipulate it is fraught with chance. It is considered gambling because there is no real way to influence the chances of winning, as opposed to a skill game.


Have you been a regular player in our bingo rooms? Then, chances are certain that you have come across a few weird and obtuse responses while the game is on. From regrettable groans to thunders of applause, you have encountered it all while playing a game of bingo. Whether you are playing in a bingo hall or a game of online bingo at the GameVillage lobby, here are the top five reactions that all of us have definitely gone through;

1. A few sly glances:

Bingo and Superstitions: Are you carrying your lucky charm?

Have you ever felt a bit superstitious about certain things when if comes to a game of bingo and luck? Of course you have. And this goes to show how much you believe in lucky charms and the luck it brings in turning the game in your favor.

So, whatever may be your superstition, here are a few lucky charms we have all believed in at atleast one point in our lives;

1.Lucky charms:

A successful month of over £8,000 in Loyal Loots!

At GameVillage, we believe that our players are like family and that bingo bonds run thicker than blood. To show our appreciation towards our Villagers, we conducted the Loyalty Loot program where depending on the deposits players made, they had Loyalty ranks and points awarded. The rewards were massive entries into the months prize draws, as well as cash backs of up to 10%.

Look who’s winning the Big Bucks on GameVillage!

At GameVillage, we never miss a chance to congratulate our winners and our champions this month are Dspwhite and Jeanetteheath. They have had a fantastic time in our Bust the Bank and Rabbit in the Hat slot games respectively. Are you familiar with these games? Here’s a glimpse in case you want to give your luck a shot at these games!

Bust The Bank

Will you bag the Loyalty Loot?

We adore the love and adulation we get from our players and we want our players to know- that we love you all too! Hence we decided to give our Loyalty program a makeover and now there’s an entire bunch of rewards to loot from. We are hoping that you will love our LOYALTY LOOT and here’s all that you need to know about it!

There are 5 levels starting with the Bronze level all the way up till the shimmering Diamond. There are free prize draw entries cashback offers awaiting you every month based on the amount of deposits you make.

The evil Halloween treats are here on GameVillage this October

With only a couple of weeks left for Halloween, we have just the right number of treats for you on GameVillage Bingo. Starting with our Trick or Treat, where you get an unexpected prize or the Spooktacular Game that will be held on the 31st of October, there is plenty of easy Halloween gifts to look out for.

Here is a quick run through all the different prizes that you can win on the site this month;

Here's all that is happening on GameVillage this month

The 2016 Summer Olympic games have begun in Rio and the extravagance of it has spilled over on to GameVillage as well. One look at our promotions page will tell you how much of excitement awaits players the whole of August and the multitude of prizes that are yet to be given out!

So, join the race to the top and win unexpected prizes for the time and money you spend on our site. Be a champion in any of our following key events;

Medal Winners

Here’s to another year full of surprises

Happy New Year Villagers! After all the festivities of 2015, we know that you could be a little hard on cash this month. That is why, we are giving you a couple of cash back offers along with BOGOF tickets that you can buy Mondays to Thursdays.

Fair Game, Hot to Trot and of course the Happy Hours are the promotions to look out for along with massive giveaways in the Super Games that are held every Friday and Saturday in the Village Inn room.

Have a Very Merry Christmas with GameVillage this December

It’s the month of giving Villagers and we have saved the best for the last. We have stacked up this entire month with incredible promotions which are guaranteed to keep your holiday spirits soaring.

So come get ready for an exciting Christmas this December. Here’s a quick look at a few of our new promotions;

The countdown to 2016 begins

It has been a great year so far and we want to make the last couple of months on GameVillage a memorable one. We have come with a whole bunch of promotions this month, out of which a few of the big ones are listed below;

Start your ‘Countdown to 2016’ by making it to our leader board depending on the number of tokens you manage to collect till the end of December. Collecting tokens are as easy as making a deposit of £22 and it’s multiples (£44, £66, £88, etc).

October Promotions on GameVillage

It’s time for all new promotions on GameVillage this October and we have quite a few surprises lined up for you. Enjoy your time on our site playing exciting games and win rewarding prizes including 100 free tickets to the biggest Power Game of the season which will be held early January next year. Come check out some of our unbeatable and unique promotions this month;

£12,000,000 Jackpot slots now on GameVillage

Hey villagers! We have some very exciting news for you.We now have new progressive jackpot slots on our site with the super popular game Mega Moolah being the highlight. The Mega Moolah slot game probably has one of the most well-known progressive jackpots online which currently stands at more than £11 million in prize money.

Greatest of surprises await you this September at GameVillage Bingo

Autumn, the years loveliest smile is here and what we have in store for you is surely going to bring a beautiful smile on your face too. We are giving away surprise gifts, vouchers worth £500 and plenty of opportunities to double up your game prizes! So get ready to win these fabulous prizes right here on GameVillage

It’s going to be a good month and here’s what you can look forward to this September;

Introducing ‘Unplugged’ a new 90 ball bingo room in GameVillage

Great News Villagers! We have just added a new 90 ball bingo room ‘UNPLUGGED’ to our site. This is an exclusive room for the fans of GameVillage Facebook page, where you stand a chance to win prizes in the form of bingo bonus and freebies. There will be one game each on Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 pm and on each day you can win up to a total prize worth £25.

GameVillage Bingo player scoops £22,194 on newly launched slots game

GameVillage Bingo has yet another big winner this season. This one player by the name ‘Fatskippy’ won big in Gold Factory which is one of the newest slot games on our site, taking home a total prize of £22,194! Isn’t that massive?

For beginners, Gold Factory is a 5 reel video slot game powered by Microgaming which is a recent addition to our site. There are 50 paylines in this particular game that you can make use of and bet up to 20 coins on each of these paylines.

GameVillage Bingo July Specials

With the improving weather and a chance to tan, July after all seems quite exciting. To add to the excitement, GameVillage is bringing you great offers so that you get the best value for your quid. If you have spare time for a little dab or to whirl the slots, you could end up winning thousands this July. The site is jam-packed with great bargains and if all this sounds exciting, then read on for more details.


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