Wizard’s castle


Come along on a magical journey to an old haunted castle and see what lies there in your wait. Wizard’s castle, designed by Cozygames, starts with haunting music to lure the bravest of the lot right into it. If you are interested in the fantastical and the paranormal, this game is meant for you.

The reels are surrounded by frightening gargoyles and other creatures of the night and your task in the game is to go amidst them and win the biggest possible treasure. This slot game has five reels and twenty paylines, which means there are lots of chances for you to land the big jackpot. The minimum coin value you can bet on is £0.05 and the maximum bet for a coin £0.50. You can bet up to three coins per spin, this means that the maximum bet you can place is £30.

The scatter is the wizard and the wild is a forbidding magical potion. Scatter triggers freespin bonuses- for three scatter symbols, you get a freespin bonus of 10, for 4 scatters the freespin bonus is 15, and for 5 scatters the bonus is 20 freespins. This game is very easy to operate and gives out great returns as the long-term expected payback is 94.32%.

The symbols show the antique and mysterious objects of the castle. There are cauldrons, books of secret spells, treasure chests, birds of the night, cages, lanterns, gold keys to treasures hidden in undercrofts, and magical rings. There will rarely be a moment when you will not feel the atmosphere of this haunted scene creeping down on you. Go ahead and challenge yourself to explore the dark and the unknown in this superbly mysterious slot game on GameVillage.