As a bingo player, we are sure you enjoy both online bingo and slot games equally. And if you are looking to have better luck in SLOTS; then here’s your cue card.

We have a wide selection of online slots and other instant games at GameVillage. These games can be easily accessed in our games lobby and can also be played as side games in any of our bingo rooms.

Here’s a few tips on how you can up your chances of winning in these games;

1. Choose your best games:

Select slot games that give you better odds of winning and play more of those games in particular. As a general rule online slots games that have better odds require a higher wager usually.

2. Read all of the T&C’s:

Always ensure that you read the rules for each online slot thoroughly before you play the game. Although they look similar, each online slot game varies from another and each has their own different ways to win, different paylines and bonus rounds. Once you understand how these work you can make the most out of each game.

3.Bring your lucky pair of pants:

Slots are after all, a game of luck. While most players have at least one superstitious belief, we recommend that you have one too. While you are indulging in our Wild Vegas or Honey Bees Slots, make sure you have that the one good luck charm of yours right beside you.

4.Balance your bets:

Escalate on your betting when you’re winning and reduce them if you’re losing. Balance out your wins and losses and increase your bets gradually. Always remember to carefully analyze your chances of winning before placing a bet.

5. Play for Fun:

Just like our bingo games, slots games are just meant to be played for fun. You could either win or lose. What matters in the end, is your satisfaction with the game features, it’s fairplay and the exciting symbols that keep spinning along the reels. Don’t play for the sake of winning money –just have fun!