Super Quack Surprise In Our Seaside Bingo room


Each of our bingo rooms come with a promise to keep you hooked. Among these, if you have not tried our Seaside Bingo room yet, then you are surely missing out on some real bingo fun. The doors to this serene seaside remain open only from Thursdays to Sundays every week, from 8pm till 10pm. So better keep your calenders blocked and your clocks set for your weekly trip to the seaside.

In the Seaside Bingo room, you can make use of exclusive offers and prizes in exchange of lucky ducks. Every penny of cash prize you win in this room is worth one lucky duck.

This month however, you can win extra Seaside Ducks. Call bingo on double digit balls and you win 2 extra seaside ducks. Call on ball 22 and you get really lucky with 22 extra seaside ducks! Exchange your ducks for prizes of your choice and look out for a range of options to choose from.

All this excitement comes to you at a price of just 5p per ticket. These tickets can also be pre-bought any time before the game. So, get collecting and be rewarded!

The Lucky Duck leaderboard is updated every weekend. Keep track of the number of lucky ducks you have and swap them for a whole basket full of prizes. You will be split for choices among free bingo cards, chocolate hampers, kitchen equipment, flat screen televisions and even laptops!

In case this bingo promotion comes to an end, we will give you a month’s notice to use the lucky ducks and don’t worry; we’ll have more interesting offers coming up to ensure that your lucky ducks don’t run out of their luck.

The Seaside Bingo is our only Prize bingo room. There is no way you can afford to miss out on this unique room. Log in to our bingo lobby and pre-buy your tickets, so that the luckiest ducks come swimming home to you!