The 80 Ball magic in our Village Fair Room

 80ball bingo

All is fair in love and bingo- so says our Village Fair room... And why not when you get to play dozens of bingo games each and everyday and keep winning several prizes and attractive jackpots. Well, our Village Fair is nothing short of the thrill of bumpy rides and the festivities all around, because the virtual fun in this room comes in various forms and surprises.

VILLAGE FAIR happens to be our only 80-ball bingo room that is open for all depositing players between 6pm and 12am every evening. Players can pre-buy tickets to this room anytime they please and they can play with multiple tickets to each game.

We make sure that you don’t miss out on your chances to win. We offer two kinds of games in this room, you can win on any line and a full house or you can also chance on a Four Column win. The tickets which cost just 5p each gives you 16 numbers (4 column and 4 rows) to try your luck on.

Now, here’s how you can win the game prizes;

Any Line and House Games: There are two prizes to be won on these games- Any one line i.e. horizontal, vertical or diagonal line, the four corner boxes or the four center ones and a full house prize.

Four Columns Games: There are four prizes to be won. You can win on one vertical column, any two vertical columns, any three vertical columns and one full house. So if 80 ball is what gets you rolling, you have ample chances of winning in this room.


The tickets consist of 16 numbers and a player can buy a maximum of 100 tickets for a game. Numbers 1-20 appear in the first column, 21-40 in the second, 41-60 in the third and 61-80 in the forth column.


We almost always have a hefty Progressive Jackpot to offer in our Village Fair room. This prize varies from game to game. The PJP is won as soon as a player makes Full House in 28 calls or less.


Don’t forget our ever changing promotions to enhance your chances at winning in the Village Fair room. This month we have a special one for you to look out for. On the 1st of September, one day will be randomly chosen from the month of August and all players who had purchased tickets on that selected day will share a prize of £500. This is part of the Archery Promotion and the date will be decided depending on the first ball under 32 that is called in the 6pm game on the 1st of September. If you happen to be lucky enough, then more buy-ins you make, the bigger will be your share.

Combine bingo and prizes and what you will get is the Village Fair room at GameVillage! If 80-ball bingo is your forte, our Village Fair room is right where you belong.

So, try the Village Fair games and win the most exciting prizes!