The Village Inn is exactly what it sounds like, comfy and cozy, just the place you would’ve stopped by for a belly-soothing meal and drink. A 75-ball bingo room running 24/7 on our site, the Village Inn has quite the charm of hooking you on for some handy perks.
The Village Inn happens to be very popular with the Village folk, especially because it has a lot to buzz about. Curious already? Well, here’s why it’s such an attraction all day long:

The tickets in this room come with a promise of no-strain to your pockets. Ranging from 1p to £1, each ticket has 25 numbers ranging from 1 to 75. Wins in this room are based on displayed patterns which could vary from alphabets, to numbers or even shapes and special symbols.

What you should be really looking out for in this room are the Top of the Hour, Top of the Day and the Top of the Month games. These games come with game prizes that are sizably bigger and the tickets to these games can be pre-bought anytime before the game commences.

The Top Games are played every hour (TOH), every day (TOD) and every month (TOM). The biggest of which is the TOM game that will be played at the end of the month at midnight. Now that’s a big fish to watch out for.

There’s more- try your luck at the Super Games that are held every Saturday where prizes of £400 are given out to players. You can pre-buy your tickets to these Super Games at 20p/ticket. Excited enough? Hold on to your horses because here comes the biggest attraction of them all- the HOTBALL.

In every game that is played, a number will be displayed in this Hotball and if the winning number matches with the hotball number, then the player will not only win the game prize but will win an additional Hotball prize as well. Better keep your buckets ready ‘cause this room comes with a promise to set you on fire.

Additionally, there is plenty of action to keep up with in this room especially in the penny bingo games where there are guaranteed prizes to be won and the quick and sneaky Dart games that are played during the intervals between bingo games. A bull’s eye there can even win you a progressive jackpot!

So, if pattern bingo is your forte, this exciting 75-ball Village Inn room is just the place to be! And don’t forget to catch up on all that has been happening in the Village with your chat hosts and fellow villagers.

After all, there is no time that is better spent than with those spent with loved ones! Happy gaming y’all!