Play Variety Bingo at GameVillage

Variety Bingo

In case you haven’t tried the different types of bingo rooms on our site yet, then you ought to try out the 50-ball, 80-ball and 75-ball bingo rooms that is available exclusively on GameVillage.

GameVillage has a unique 50-ball free bingo room, Chip Van Bingo where players play with a 2x5 ticket and win Full House (£5) and One Line (£1) prizes. The timing for this room changes every month with a new theme and is usually open for 6 hours. This room is accessible only by homeowners. So, get your tickets and start gaming for free!

Speed bingo games are easy and quick to play. There is a progressive jackpot that can be won on 45 calls, a prize at £25 for full house and a free ticket with every purchase of 5 tickets.

Elimination bingo or reverse bingo as we call it is a two-hour bingo room where prizes are given out to the player making the least calls. The player gets to choose tickets ranged at 1p, 2p, 5p or even 25p. Prizes in reverse bingo vary depending on the number of tickets bought and is the most popular room on our site.

The village-inn games are played 24/7 and fetches players EXTRA prizes that include Hotball Prizes, Bulls-eye with progressive jackpots, exclusive Saturday super games with bounty 4x£100 and a lot more. The prizes are fixed and progressive within 14 calls and ticket prices are the same as reverse bingo.

Lastly, we have the seaside bingo room which opens only once a month where players win LuckyDucks on every game and collect them for the prize of their choice. They can swap their LuckyDucks for a wide range of items including free cards, chocolate hampers, kitchen equipment, wine cases, flat screen televisions and laptops. All in all, the assortment of bingo games available to a villager are large and the level of excitement and fun that is involved is incomparable. So hurry now and book your Seaside Bingo tickets now!

Bingo is presently a prevalent trend among the youthful and grown-ups alike and is viewed as a fun game to play especially when you get to make so many buddies. So enjoy the game and win exciting prizes along the way.