Benefits of being a homeowner at GameVillage

benefits of homeowner

Imagine a community full of people with similar interests, laughing, playing, chatting and having fun all day long - who wouldn’t want to be a part of such a community? That’s why GameVillage enables her regular players to find a home for themselves in this lively bingo community. If you frequent this village often, then you deserve being rewarded with a virtual home at GameVillage.

You are eligible for home ownership after your third deposit on the site. There are 5 different homes that the players get to live in based on their participation. As and when the players achieve a higher leverage, they are moved to a new home, a better one.

Now coming to the benefits of being a homeowner:

Entry to Chip van bingo room:

Chip van is a free bingo room that is open only for the homeowners. Homeowners can play unlimited free bingo and win a huge share prize. It is held twice a month during a certain time duration. To enjoy this, the players need to make 3 deposits before the game is held(just when they become homeowners). Even getting to play unlimited bingo for free is a reward in itself.

Knock-knock surprise:

Knock-knock.. Who’s there? Its the GameVillage treat for you. A promotional event that is hosted specially for homeowners of GameVillage and the winner here is given a secret visit. So if you happen to be a homeowner and you happen to have won a knock knock event, then be prepared for a surprise visit from the GameVillage Community Head and a gift hamper. Not only this, the lucky champ also gets the dibs to choose the prize money through a lucky draw making it a double treat.

Other promotional wins:

Another benefit of being a homeowner at Gamevillage is that there are certain weekly promotional offers like hot tuppenys, quakuety quakers etc., that only homeowners can take advantage of. Thus, becoming homeowners give you a chance to earn more, a chance you certainly shouldn’t miss!