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Being a Villager at GameVillage has its own perks and benefits. The most treasured one of them all is the community feel that this site has to offer its players. Not only do you make friends, get to live a virtual bingo-filled life but you also get the feeling that you are part of a whole big family here. And we make it possible through not just our chat rooms, our village houses and of course your favourite bingo games, but we have one more platform that makes the Village come alive. We are talking about the Forum..

Let us tell you a bit about our Forum and what you can expect here. Our Forum is a community page which provides for the perfect platform to have an online discussion. Be it a player trying to relate with other players online or chat hosts trying to convey an important announcement, the Forum is meant for one and all.

Just one deposit on GameVillage and you are given access to the Forum, where you get to see the Village at its fullest form. From all that is happening to all that is coming up, from sharing of people’s lives to receiving feedback from our players, the Forum is really the place where you acquaint yourself with GameVillage.

Some of the interesting conversations here are in the Village Coffee Shop and in the Photo Studio where you can stay up to date with all the tittle-tattle. You can leave your comments and share your thoughts on absolutely anything and of course, share a few of your personal experiences too and this can range from bingo to everything else under the sun.

Our Chat hosts will be more than happy to welcome you. And you know what’s the best part? You can win many freebies here too. You just need to look out for the quizzes and contests that are conducted by the chat hosts and participate.

In some of the contests, all you have to do is just drop in your user names and voila! You win additional freebies! The forum is always coming up with surprises and if you love making friends, then perhaps this is one of the best places in the Village to acquaint yourself with your fellow villagers.

So, join our forum today, make new friends and share bonds for a lifetime! There is no better way to connect. You could even leave your valuable suggestions here and we shall have them implemented right away.

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