Win FREE bingo tickets on GameVillage


Hey all! Did you know that you can win free bingo tickets on GameVillage Bingo? Well, now you do! All players on our site get plenty of chances to win free tickets and here’s how.

Apart from the free tickets that can be won on the Fortune Wheel, free tickets to the Unplugged bingo room can be won by participating in the contests and riddles that are held on our Facebook page.

The tickets to the Unplugged room can also be bought on the site for £1 each, but who would want to do that when you can get them for free? All you need to do is like the page, look out for all that’s being posted on the page and participate.

What’s more? You can also win free bonuses, free spins to our freebet games and more. But always remember to leave behind your usernames, else you can miss out on your freebies.

The Unplugged tickets will be sent out to all participants the following week prior to the game that will be played every Wednesday.

All of the contests that are held on the page are really quite interesting and never too hard. You will surely be able to find the answer to all of them. You just need to keep checking on all the latest that is happening on the page and leave your answers before the contest closes.

So, make sure you don’t miss out on this golden opportunity.

Simply log on to Facebook, comment and bag freebies. As simple as that! The free tickets, bonuses, free spins etc will be credited to your account in the beginning of every week.

Our Facebook community most definitely is a engaging one! Come be a part of it, make friends and in the process become an active part of the site’s vibrant bingo community.

Log on to and if you haven’t liked the site’s page yet, go ahead and like it now to start collecting your freebies! See you soon and good luck!