winning pattern

Bingo Card Patterns are limited only by the creativity of the human mind.

Players at GameVillage have always loved our bingo lobby for it’s consistence and certain aspects we have retained over time because of it’s uniqueness. Despite changes in themes and giveaways, certain rooms have remained the same due to popular demand.

Our 75-ball bingo rooms include Elimination Bingo, Village Inn, Seaside Bingo and Speed Bingo. In these rooms, all wins are based on patterns instead of lines. It’s pretty much the same as a regular bingo game, except that you need to complete the given pattern in order to win the FULL HOUSE prize.

Listed below are the other winning patterns that players tend to win on-

1. A Single Line

Here, the motive is to fill a single horizontal or vertical line. This win is possible in all 50-ball, 90-ball and 80-ball bingo rooms.

2. Any Two Lines

In this case, two lines of the ticket must be filled. Usually both lines are either horizontal or both vertical. This too is popular and may be increased to three lines.

3. Four Corners

As the name suggests, the four corners of the ticket are to be filled. This is one of the popular patterns currently being used.

4. The Big X

Here, two diagonal lines must be marked off, forming a pattern of X on the ticket. This win is more popular in 50-ball bingo.

5. Outside Edge Pattern
All of the outside rows of numbers must be marked off on any single ticket you are playing with. If these numbers are called and you are the first player to call house then you win the cash prize. If more than one player gets this pattern on the same number called out then the prize is shared.

6. Unique Patterns

Apart from the above mentioned patterns, there exists numerous patterns devised at the beginning of the game. This pattern is determined in such a way that there are enough people winning and are left satisfied. For this purpose, various patterns like Turtle, Dollar sign Heart, Tree, Candles and a huge range of other creative patterns are chosen to play with.

Letters such as A, V, L, M, W and shapes like rectantgle, cicle, diamond, etc are also among these patterns.

The best prizes of bingo are reserved for players who manage to fill the entire pattern in the shortest duration. Usually there is an upper limit on the number of calls permitted.

Some cards already have the pattern you need highlighted for easier play, but mostly the players start with a blank card.

So, there it is. All the various bingo prizes you stand a chance of winning. Come show off your expertise with this knowledge and have loads of fun!

Happy gaming villagers!