Bingo and Superstitions: Are you carrying your lucky charm?

Have you ever felt a bit superstitious about certain things when if comes to a game of bingo and luck? Of course you have. And this goes to show how much you believe in lucky charms and the luck it brings in turning the game in your favor.

So, whatever may be your superstition, here are a few lucky charms we have all believed in at atleast one point in our lives;

1.Lucky charms:

Studies show that three out of four people carry good-luck charms. There's no telling what some people deem lucky along their bingo tables: troll dolls, rabbit’s feet, four-leaf-clover key chains, dice, gemstones, small beanbag animals- you will find it all.

2.Lucky Seats:

Finding a lucky seat is a big superstition at bingo halls. If you win constantly one day in a particular seat and then next week win nothing in a different seat, you develop a state of mind that your winning was because of last week’s seat.

For online bingo, all you have to do is find your lucky spot, inside your home or wherever you spend the most time playing online bingo. Even if this superstition doesn’t guarantee you a win, it at least lets you feel comfortable in your old seat.

Being comfortable is always an advantage when you are playing these kind of games as this ensures you concentrate more and thereby ensures that you grab every chance you have of winning.
3.Lucky numbers:

Another belief that a lot of bingo players have today is having their own lucky numbers. These numbers vary from player to player. Players have come to believe in some numbers that have caused them to win before and will always want to stick to those numbers every time they play.

Whether these superstitions are true or not, at GameVillage we believe that it is important that every bingo player enjoys the game and if believing in a lucky charm gives the player a feeling of comfort, then they will most definitely enjoy the game to the fullest!

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