Wizard’s castle

Come along on a magical journey to an old haunted castle and see what lies there in your wait. Wizard’s castle, designed by Cozygames, starts with haunting music to lure the bravest of the lot right into it. If you are interested in the fantastical and the paranormal, this game is meant for you.

Wild Vegas

Las Vegas and casinos go hand in hand. Reminding you of the famous American casino scene, Wild Vegas is the true slot game. Cozygames’ graphics take you to Vegas’ over the top clubs and happening nightlife. There is no reason not to play this game and know what gambling really feels like.

Treasures of Egypt Slot Game

Treasures of Egypt slot game is the perfect game for those of us who binge on the Mummy and Indiana Jones series. The game has symbols like Egyptian face masks studded with colourful gems, and letters and numbers with ancient looking carvings on them. The wild is a beetle in a gold studded lock and the scatter is the ‘ankh’, the Egyptian ideogram representing life. The spin and Bet Max buttons are diamonds and emeralds on sticks you can press to try your luck in this antique looking and fascinating game.

Play Free Bingo Games in our Village Cafe room

Our village café is not just attractive and diversified, but is also the favorite place for our villagers who walk into our site everyday! We have an amazing treat for your pockets where you can step by grab a sip of joy and win a big prize absolutely free. What’s more amazing than having a relaxed weekend with your family and then enjoying the ever-most entertaining Village Café every night from 6pm to 11pm!

Age of Discovery

Microgaming’s Age of Discovery is a slot game meant for the explorers in us. Let your curiosity emerge as you play this game themed around the 20th century explorations that led to the formation of the modern world.
Set out the sails and put on your explorer’s hat because you are about to go on the adventure of a lifetime!

Play Variety Bingo at GameVillage

In case you haven’t tried the different types of bingo rooms on our site yet, then you ought to try out the 50-ball, 80-ball and 75-ball bingo rooms that is available exclusively on GameVillage.

GameVillage has a unique 50-ball free bingo room, Chip Van Bingo where players play with a 2x5 ticket and win Full House (£5) and One Line (£1) prizes. The timing for this room changes every month with a new theme and is usually open for 6 hours. This room is accessible only by homeowners. So, get your tickets and start gaming for free!

New Slot Games on GameVillage to try out

Hi Villagers!

It’s almost New Year—which means its time to raise your glasses while indulging in some fun spins!

So this New Year’s Eve instead of going out and spending a bomb, you could just stay at home and win some prizes with some amazing bingo and slot games, while sipping on a glass of wine!

To celebrate the advent of the New Year, we’ve added three new slots games that are brimming with promising luck!



When the snowflakes hit the ground and the church bell beckons you to make a shout out with glee, you know it’s Christmas at your favorite Village!

While we may be best known for our bingo games, there are plenty of slots in our lobby that are worth checking out. We have for you, three Slot games, themed specially for the Festive month. So log in to GameVillage to enjoy some fabulous Christmas slots this December.

Deck the Halls


The best thing about this 5 reel video slot, with 25 paylines is its sheer opulence. Be prepared to get dazzled by Microgaming’s new slot epitomised by luxury, glamour and wealth. With symbols like diamond rings, expensive cars, yachts, private planes, Rolex watches, Euro notes and gold bullion bars, forget the everyday life you lead and gear up to make some serious money.


As a bingo player, we are sure you enjoy both online bingo and slot games equally. And if you are looking to have better luck in SLOTS; then here’s your cue card.

We have a wide selection of online slots and other instant games at GameVillage. These games can be easily accessed in our games lobby and can also be played as side games in any of our bingo rooms.

Here’s a few tips on how you can up your chances of winning in these games;

1. Choose your best games:


Powered by Microgaming, “Bust The Bank” is the American style wheel of fortune slot game, designed to provide surreptitious thrill as Rob and Larry skulk across reels, leading you to vaults of money. With 243 paylines and five reels, the symbols are artistic, connoting the quintessential American Bank Robbery- robbers, a safe vault, a piggy bank,and a getaway vehicle.

The wild is the logo of the game, while the scatter is the bomb. Pick up your firearms and pull your ski mask on as you get ready to swipe the vaults clean and gain incredible credits!


Ever fantasized the flaming red devils, the tattooes, the monsters and the bikers that popularize most slots? If so, then Microgaming’s tried and trusted slot, Ladies Nite is perfect for you. With the theme of an over the top hen do, this is synonymous with everything a ladies night out entails- Cocktails, disco balls, lipstick, sparkly handbag, perfume and the tantalizing scatter, a half naked waiter!


Have you played our Scratch Card games recently? Here’s all that you need to know about it.

As you may have already guessed from the title, Scratch Cards are virtual cards that can be purchased at GameVillage. Players must select the amount of money they wish to bet on each game and the number of coins that they are willing to wager. Depending on this, the payout will be 2x, 3x, 4x, etc of the initial bet. The games will display the payout for different symbols and the number of symbols to be matched.


Freebet games are one of GameVillage’s innovative areas for players to win bonuses with absolutely no cash deposit! These games primarily aim at giving players a chance to benefit from their loyalty and for their interaction in contests held in chat rooms, on our Facebook page and in the Forum. Thus, Freebets are a convenient choice for people who are not ready to spend their money on slots just yet.

Super Quack Surprise In Our Seaside Bingo room

Each of our bingo rooms come with a promise to keep you hooked. Among these, if you have not tried our Seaside Bingo room yet, then you are surely missing out on some real bingo fun. The doors to this serene seaside remain open only from Thursdays to Sundays every week, from 8pm till 10pm. So better keep your calenders blocked and your clocks set for your weekly trip to the seaside.

In the Seaside Bingo room, you can make use of exclusive offers and prizes in exchange of lucky ducks. Every penny of cash prize you win in this room is worth one lucky duck.

For the love of Slots!

Ever feel your heart reeling while the slot reels spin in front of your star-studded eyes? Ours do, every single time. We all love slot games, but here’s our pick of the top three slot games that you just have to try on our site.
Now what makes these games as popular as they are? the jackpots of course and the big payouts. Want to know how big- well, our players have won over £100,000 in prizes within just the first few weeks of August!Need we say more?

What happens when you reverse the game of Bingo?

We hooked your curiosity, didn’t we? Wondering how a reverse game of bingo can be played and how on earth do you win in that game? Well, the only place where you can find the answer to that is in our Elimination Bingo room.
Imagine a bingo game where it doesn’t matter if you have the luckiest ticket or not, rather you would actually be praying for a ticket that doesn’t get you even one number matched- because that is the ticket that will get you winning this game.

Charity uplifts the soul!

We love to play, we love to party but in the midst of all the madness, we can proudly say that we have never missed out on giving back to the society. Every month, we dedicate one full hour game in one of our most bustling rooms to donate the fundings to a Charitable organization. Every month we choose one of the most active organizations working for a plaguing cause in the UK and we believe that the little contribution that we make together makes a huge difference in the lives of many.


The Village Inn is exactly what it sounds like, comfy and cozy, just the place you would’ve stopped by for a belly-soothing meal and drink. A 75-ball bingo room running 24/7 on our site, the Village Inn has quite the charm of hooking you on for some handy perks.
The Village Inn happens to be very popular with the Village folk, especially because it has a lot to buzz about. Curious already? Well, here’s why it’s such an attraction all day long:

Have you joined the GameVillage Forum yet?

Being a Villager at GameVillage has its own perks and benefits. The most treasured one of them all is the community feel that this site has to offer its players. Not only do you make friends, get to live a virtual bingo-filled life but you also get the feeling that you are part of a whole big family here. And we make it possible through not just our chat rooms, our village houses and of course your favourite bingo games, but we have one more platform that makes the Village come alive. We are talking about the Forum..