About Us

About Us

GameVillage Bingo was first discovered way back in May 2007, by an explorer called Wally. Wally loved the village so much he decided to stay and become the resident Village Idiot.

Wally was the first to visit and not want to leave and there have been many more since. Due to its unique games, both Bingo and Skill games it is a must see for all types of players.

A great community has grown around the village providing a warm welcome to all bingo players. Stop by the Village Inn for a quick game of darts and 75 ball bingo. Alternatively, have a quick game of Bingo at the train station.

Whatever your likes, we are sure you will love GameVillage Bingo.


As soon as you make 3 deposits in GameVillage Bingo, you get to become a homeowner in the virtual Village complete with an address and an identity for yourself. As a homeowner, you can meet other villagers and make new friends and also get access to exclusive promotions.


There are your typical 75 ball and 90 ball games of bingo along with some exclusive games such as 80 ball and 50 ball. You can dance with the devil in Elimination bingo or try to keep up in our Speed bingo. You can hop into the Ferris wheel in Village Fair or take a stroll in Seaside Bingo.

As well as many many slot games from ones you know and love to unique ones you will have never seen before (Wally even has his own slot game). We also have the classic favourites of Roulette, Blackjack as well as an array of other table games.


Now the secret to GameVillage’s loyal player base is their amazing benefits to current residents. There are more than 10 different promotions each month with thousands of pounds up for grabs.

On top of all of this, there is a rewards bar which brings you gifts of cash, points, free bingo cards and mystery prizes simply by playing. There is quite possibly the best referral program around to reward you for telling your friends about us, where you and your friend will share £50, be entered into a progressive jackpot draw and earn money when your friends deposit.


We believe in a very different kind of chat team at GameVillage Bingo. You will not be met merely by the same old same old, gl, wd, hi and bye style of chat you can get at some gaming sites. At GameVillage Bingo, we believe in quality over quantity.

We have a very hard working and dedicated Chat Team, most of who have been with us for many years. They are fun, lively and always up for a laugh. They will welcome you and help you with anything you need.